Carpet Cleaning Service for Sarasota County

Carpet Cleaning Service Sarasota FL

Need carpet cleaning in Sarasota for your beautiful carpets and area rugs? That’s probably why you bought and installed them in the first place. But for them to remain beautiful, you need proper carpet cleaning and maintenance, and we provide this service to local residents and commercial businesses in surrounding cities and areas.

Proper Carpet Maintenance

As a responsible carpet owner, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your carpets properly.

  • You have to vacuum your carpets regularly. For high traffic areas, vacuuming must be done daily.
  • It also means that you must deal with spills and spots as quickly as they occur. You also have to know the proper ways to deal with these problems, as well as the right cleaning agents that won’t destroy your carpet or cause it to become dirtier more easily.
  • As much as possible, you also need to keep the dirt out of your home. That means changing your air filters to minimize the dust that comes inside, using mats outside and inside the door, and if possible you need to have people take their shoes off when they come inside.

But even though you perform all these maintenance and preventive measures religiously, you still need commercial carpet cleaning services on a regular basis. A carpet cleaning expert must take care of your carpet at least once every 18 months, and preferably once a year.

What that means for you is that you need to call us for your carpets. In fact, some warranties are only effective if you have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. If you don’t do this, the warranty may be invalidated.

What about Rugs?

Your rugs need the same level of care as your carpets. Sometimes they may even need special care.

  • For small rugs that are labeled “machine washable”, you can first shake it outside before you put it in your washing machine at the recommended temperature. Usually you just need a mild detergent with some warm water. You can then set the machine at the lowest heat setting when you tumble the rug dry.
  • For larger area rugs, you first need to pick it up and then shake it to remove the dirt. Then you should put it over a clothesline so you can beat the rug. In some cases your rug may say it needs dry cleaning only. Or you can have your carpet cleaning service deal with it along with your carpets, but only if they also offer rug cleaning services like we do.
  • It’s also crucial that you vacuum your rugs, although that’s not always easy. If you have fringe to deal with, you need to be careful. You have to start from the center and then vacuum toward the fringe, while you make sure that you don’t get any strands in your beater bar.
  • Other imported carpets may come with special instructions or require special care. These include Persian, Turkish, or Oriental rugs, along with heirloom rugs as well. You should also call us for Oriental rug cleaning especially with delicate fringe.

Should You Do It Yourself?

It’s very tempting to think that you can do just as well as a professional carpet cleaner since you can always just consult the Internet. You may even think that you can hack it because you can just rent the tools you need.

That’s a dangerous way to think, however. While it may seem cheaper at first, Sarasota Restoration Pros know firsthand how terrible things can be for you and your carpet if and when things go wrong. In general, it’s actually cheaper in the long run to just call us instead. We can them make sure you don’t go through the common problems faced by would-be DIY carpet cleaners.

We Offer Better Results

Lots of people go online and read about “effective carpet cleaning methods and solutions” from supposed experts. Then they may even spend good money on renting one of those “excellent” carpet cleaning machines. Sadly, often they hype is greater than the actual results.

If you’re one of these people, you can actually count yourself lucky if after many hours of back-breaking labor you still end up with a dirty carpet. If you’re really unlucky, the cleaning agent you used may have damaged your carpet instead. Or sometimes you may also use too much detergent. When that happens, your carpets may become dirty much more quickly as a result.

That’s not going to happen when you use our professional services. We have the training, skills, tools and the various cleaning solutions that are effective on all types of carpeting. We know which treatments are safe on which specific carpets, and we have the experience so we’re aware of just how much of a particular detergent to use.

No Over-Wetting

When you use rented equipment, one very common result is that you end up with rugs and carpets that are just too wet. So you’re forced to deal with a damp carpet for days on end, and during that time you have to endure that unappealing smell of damp fabric. At home, that can be enough to keep you from truly relaxing. In the workplace, such problems can leave a terrible impression on potential customers and clients while the workers aren’t all that happy either.

The damp isn’t good for your carpets either. This can cause your carpets to shrink or it may become discolored. And then with the excess moisture you will then eventually have to deal with mold growth as well, leading to mold removal which is an expensive affair. 

With mold, you have a health hazard in your home. People who are sensitive or allergic to the mold spores can suffer skin and eye irritation and severe respiratory difficulties. People who are asthmatic, elderly, or very young may suffer greatly.

Even if people don’t show any signs of sensitivity to the mold, it still emits a strong and unappealing smell that can make you and any visitors uncomfortable. And don’t even think about showing your home to potential buyers with that smell!

On the other hand, we offer wet & dry carpet cleaner services. Our dry carpet cleaner service involves no soaking your carpet while the wet cleaner services come with a quick drying time.

This is an especially important service when you experience water damage, from water flooding your home. And as part of a water damage repair & mitigation service, that’s why we also provide carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, furniture & upholstery cleaning for quick remediation from the damage. Including fire and smoke damage repair and restoration.

Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

We don’t just clean rugs and carpets. We also offer upholstery cleaning and a furniture cleaning service as well. With our professional leather cleaners you can make sure that the leather and sofa cleaning result in pristine and well-cared for furniture, instead of damaged leather seats and couches.

Is It Time to Call Us?

There are several good reasons to call us now if you need a professional carpet cleaning service.

  • It’s been a year since the last time you had a pro clean your carpet. Don’t wait for another 6 months. Once a year is better, and in fact t should even be more often.
  • You have pets like cats and dogs. Having a pet can be fun, but cleaning after their messes are not fun at all. They can track in dirt and mud, they can shed hair and drool, and if they’re young they may leave bad “surprises” for you to clean after. Pets are a good reason why you need to get a pro more frequently.
  • You have kids. Little kids often have lots of energy, so they may walk over your carpets much more frequently. Then they make a lot of mess, by tracking in mud and dirt, spilling their drinks and food, spilling paints, or maybe even deliberately color in your carpets. Kids may be a joy to have around the house, but with them around you need us around more.
  • You have lots of people in your home. If your house is a veritable dormitory with lots of people coming and going, then you’re going to need professional carpet cleaning more often. Having more people means more dirt on your carpets—that’s the basic reality.
  • You’re hosting an important gathering in your home. That means top to bottom cleaning for your entire house, and that includes the carpet. So you should call us about 2 to 3 before the big party (although a week before may be better) if you want to wow your visitors.
  • You’re thinking about buying a new carpet to replace the old one. You may want to reconsider. With our professional cleaning service, your old carpet will look new again.
  • A stain in your carpet is impossible to remove. That may be true for you, but that may not be true for us. We have the expertise and the cleaning agents that may make us look like Hogwarts graduates when we’re done removing those “impossible” stains.
  • It’s getting harder to maintain your carpets with vacuuming. When this happens, perhaps you should just call us. We will get rid of the dirt on the carpet, and then you’ll also discover that afterwards it’s much easier to vacuum the carpet regularly and keep it nice-looking.

Contact Sarasota Restoration Pros for your carpet cleaning needs, whether you have a special occasion, a greater need, or for regular maintenance. We will clean your carpet and make it look new again, without risking any damage that you may get with your DIY efforts.