Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Sarasota, FL

Fire Damage Restoration Service Sarasota FLA fire is one of the most terrible disasters that can happen to your home or workplace. The problem with fires is that efforts to put them out require vast amounts of water, which can compound the damage to your property. So once the firefighters are done, you’re not just forced to deal with the smoke & fire damage. You also have to deal with the flooding and water damage brought on by the efforts to save your place from the flames.

Luckily for you, we have some of the best fire and water damage restoration contractors in Sarasota County Florida, and the surrounding cities and neighborhoods. We have all undergone specialized training and use advanced equipment. We can deal with all manners of fire damage with our disaster loss management including smoke damage, water damage, fire damage recovery and other services.

Why Call Us?

If you’ve been hit by a fire, call us right away so we can start the disaster clean up as soon as possible. Our fire water damage repair service is completely comprehensive and we can deal with water damage and smoke damage that usually come hand in hand with fire damage. We have the tools and training to deal with all types of fire damage complications including flood damage repairs and smoke odor removal. We also know the importance of prompt service when we provide fire damage repairs for our neighbors in Sarasota. We know that every second counts.

What sets us apart is that our disaster repair services prioritize the restoration of your belongings, instead of going straight ahead with replacement. Not only is replacement more costly, but often the items damaged in the fire are irreplaceable. We try to restore what possible, so that you can get your life back on track.

Different Methods of Restoration

With fire damage, you get smoke damage too. Then the firefighters come with their water hoses and so that means you also need to deal with water damage. Wait too long for repairs to begin, and pretty soon you’ll have to add mold growth to your list of problems.

But regardless of whether the damage was wrought by the heat of the flames, the smoke, the water, or the mold, we have the skill, equipment, and the knowledge to perform the most appropriate restoration method:

  • Wet cleaning is usually suitable for eliminating moderate to heavy layers of residue in your various items.
  • Spray and wipe is the alternative method when wet cleaning is unsuitable for a particular item.
  • Dry cleaning is best for light layers of residue, or as a preparatory step to wet cleaning.
  • Foam cleaning is good for upholstery fabrics that may bleed or even shrink when wet cleaning is done. This is in addition to our carpet cleaning service for restoration purposes.
  • Abrasive cleaning is when we agitate the surface we are cleaning.
  • Immersion is when we dip the dirty items into a bath using a proper cleaning product.

Moving Items Out (and Moving Items In)

With extensive fire, smoke, and water damage occurring all at once, often it’s necessary to first remove all your belongings from the affected areas. This step can protect these items from any additional damage and the restoration process can proceed more quickly and efficiently.

Of course, we will be there when it’s time to put them back where they belong. We will do our best so that your home goes back to what it was before the fire occurred. 

Drying Out Your Photos and Documents

Not all documents and photos have digital backups, and sometimes these paper items are very important. Some items can be very troublesome to replace, such as birth certificates, diplomas, passports, and contracts. Others have sentimental value which makes them even more precious, such as old photographs of happy events and people you love.

We have various ways of restoring damaged documents. The right option depends on the severity of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. These options include air drying, dehumidifying, freezer drying, vacuum freezer drying, and vacuum thermal drying.

If it is possible to restore any document or photograph, then we will restore it.

Dealing with the Insurance

When you see your home ablaze while firefighters try to save it, it’s very difficult to even think about the insurance. But such a difficulty can be overcome, and we can help you deal with the confusion and anxiety caused by the fire. We help you with providing an accurate and comprehensive list of your belongings, along with their corresponding values.

By helping you provide better, accurate, and complete info for your insurance company, you may be able to settle your claims more quickly. We can also help if your insurance carrier requires any sort of burden of proof for any claim. With this service, you can get the calm mind you need at a time when calmness is necessary.

Dealing with Electronic Devices

It’s very important that you DO NOT handle or turn on any electrical device that may have been damaged during the fire. These things present a very serious risk to your safety. The smoke residues may also result in corrosion that will cause electronic failure in your appliance.

This means you should really wait for our electronics expert to arrive, so that your computers, TV sets, and game consoles can be handled and dealt with properly. They can be inspected and cleaned promptly so that any further damage may be averted.

The Dos and Don’ts after a Fire

What should you do or don’t do while you wait for our arrival? Whatever it is you do, you have to put safety first above all other considerations. It may be a good idea not to stay in the house until the firefighters give their explicit say so. Keep in mind that it’s possible that some of the damage areas like the ceiling may give way. Electrical hazards may be everywhere, and because of the water used by the firefighters it’s so easy to slip and fall. Carrying wet materials may be difficult because of the extra water weight. So you and your friends and family should only do things that you are absolutely sure are safe to do.

Here are some crucial tips:

  1. Limit people’s movement in your home after the firefighters are gone. This can help prevent the soot from embedding into your carpets and upholstery. If you have people moving about, the ashes can get deeper into your carpets with each step you take.
  2. If possible, wash your hands of dirt. Your dirty hands can add to the dirt on your woodwork, walls, and upholstery. You may smear a lot of dirt along the way with your dirty hands.
  3. Drape old linens or towels over your upholstery, carpets, and rugs. This can prevent any additional smoke or ash from damaging your rugs and fabrics.
  4. If you’re absolutely sure that the electricity is off, empty the freezer and refrigerator, and then keep the fridge doors open.
  5. Replace your HVAC filters. At this point you will need fresh filters for your HVAC appliances.
  6. Tape 2 layers of cheesecloth over your air registers.
  7. Clean and protect chrome surfaces with a light coating of oil or petroleum jelly.
  8. Wash your house plants on both the top and bottom sides of the leaves.
  9. DO NOT try to clean any electrical appliance that could have been close to the fire, heat or water, without first discussing the matter with an authorized repair service.
  10. DO NOT shampoo the upholstery or carpet, or wash the walls without first talking to an expert on fire and water damage repair or clean up in Sarasota County FL (like us).
  11. DO NOT turn on your ceiling fixtures unless you’re absolutely sure that the ceiling isn’t wet.
  12. DO NOT consume any of the packaged or canned beverages and food that were stored near the heat, fire, or water.
  13. DO NOT send any garments to a regular dry cleaner service, as improper cleaning methods may just set the smell of the smoke into the clothes.

But the most important tip of all is that you call us. We here at Sarasota Restoration Pros are the best fire damage repair & water damage contractors in Sarasota County FL. Our technicians and experts have the knowledge, skill, and the proper tools needed for the job. We can make sure that your home will be restored and cleaned up, to as near the condition that it was before the fire occurred.

A fire is a terrible disaster to experience, and we can only imagine the anxiety and horror you must have felt. We have helped many who have gone through similar events, and our experience can help you get through this traumatic experience. Call us, and we can get to work in putting this tragedy behind you. With our services, you can restore what can be restored. We will clean and fix your place, so that once again you can get your life back on track.