water damage repair company in near me floridaThere is a lot of misconceptions about flood insurance that many people have. In this article, we will attempt to address and correct some of these widely held wrong beliefs.

Flood damage can occur anywhere, and in Florida it becomes an acute threat especially during hurricane season.

Though Florida is mostly flat, some people, especially in mountainous or hilly areas, believe that flooding can only occur in low lying areas. When in fact, according to FEMA, more than 25% of all claims in the National Flood Insurance Program come from those places that are considered outside a flood zone.

Now Florida is regarded as ground zero for Hurricanes, which all Floridians are aware of. But what most Floridians are not aware of is that when it comes to insuring their homes, condos, or apartments, most people believe they are covered for water damage and floods, and costs incurred or required for that disaster mitigation and cleanup. When that’s not the case.

So when purchasing homeowners or renters insurance, you need to make sure you know what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise in a time of need. You don’t want a flood or water damage disaster to also become a financial disaster.

Read The Fine Print

Did you know that some insurance policies make a distinction between “sudden” and “plain” water damage? Did you also know that in most homeowners or renters insurance policies, flooding is not actually included? And that you need to purchase separate flood insurance in order to cover for that?

In fact, most people wrongly assume that if their insurance coverage includes water damage, then it also covers flooding, when that’s not the case.

Another thing to note is that flood insurance tends to be specific about what it covers. That’s why you need to pay attention and look over your flood and home insurance policy long before you need it. So that you understand what your insurance company considers water damage and what is viewed as flooding.

Source of Flood Waters

For example, water flooding your house from a broken water pipe may not be considered a flood. But flooding from tidal waves, or due to heave rains and rivers overflowing, is seen as flood waters by insurance companies.

So in many cases, it’s the source of the flood waters that tends to make the distinction about what is covered and what isn’t covered in your insurance policy.

The best time to get flood insurance is long before you need it. Some insurance companies will not allow to sign up for hurricane damage during hurricane season. So it’s a good idea to get your insurance policy long before hurricane season is upon us. So that you can be prepared for the worst should any disaster arise, and have peace of mind.

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