Mold Remediation & Removal Service

Mold Remediation Sarasota FLThe professionals at Sarasota Restoration Pros, we don’t just offer mold removal. That’s rather insufficient when you have mold problems. Our mold services include proper mold remediation, which is what you actually need when you have a possible harmful mold and mildew condition.

What’s the Difference between “Removal” and Remediation?

To differentiate between the two, you first need a basic understand of what mold really is. Mold is made up mold spores, and these are microscopic spores that can exist naturally just about anywhere. They’re in the air, and on various surfaces. You can find them indoors and outdoors and the mold spores outside can easily find their way inside your home. They go through your open doors and windows, pass through your HVAC systems, or get in by cling to your pet or your own clothes.

What this means is that actually removing all the mold spores in your home is virtually impossible. It also means that having a certain level of mold spores in your home is completely normal. Unless you want a room sanitary enough to perform surgery in, this level of mold activity isn’t a problem.

The problem is that these mold spores really thrive on moisture. Even having higher than normal humidity in your home can lead to the formation of mold colonies inside your house. And if you have standing water in your bathroom and leaks in your plumbing, then these mold colonies will thrive and grow. They may then produce toxins that may prove harmful to your family, pets, and employees in the workplace. They also produce a strong musty odor that’s fairly unpleasant.

With remediation, we make sure that these colonies are dealt with properly. Our mold spore removal services include identifying and fixing the moisture problems that led to the growth of the mold colonies. After mold elimination from water damage, we have to get rid of the moisture problem for mold growth prevention.

Steps of Remediation

So what does it mean to remediate your mold infestation? Here are the steps that our mold remediation technicians take to deal with this problem.

  1. We take your call. If you have a mold problem, you need to call us. That’s because you may have toxic mold in your home. Also known as black mold, these spores have attracted a lot of media attention in recent years. When you call us, we can ask you questions and your answers will help determine just what type of equipment we need to bring, and which types of certified mold remediators should be part of the team that goes to your home.
  2. Inspection and damage assessment. Our mold removal experts will then perform their mold inspections so that we can find out which areas we have to treat. Not all mold colonies are easily seen. The mold assessment will include the use special tools that can help us find mold hiding in out of the way water sources.
  3. Abatement. Our mold remediation contractors will then begin with various mold abatement methods that will prevent the mold from spreading. It doesn’t matter if after mold testing, we find out that it’s a non-toxic mold colony. They smell bad and look disgusting, so they have to go.
  4. Air filtration. While the remediation is in progress, we will use advanced filtration equipment so that we can capture the tiny mold spores from the air. These tools will include HEPA vacuums and strong air scrubbers that will keep the spores from spreading through the air.
  5. Removal. At this point, we can use the appropriate antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to get rid of the mold colonies and eliminate mold contamination. We also have mold prevention applications so new mold colonies won’t form back. If the mold growth is quite heavy, it may be necessary to remove and dispose of the porous materials with the heaviest mold infestation. These materials may include the carpets and the drywall.
  6. Cleaning. We can find every item in your home that was affected by the mold growth, and we can clean them properly. These items can include your clothes, curtains, furniture, and other decorative furnishings. We can use several types of cleaning methods that can completely sanitize these items. We can also use fogging equipment that can totally eliminate the odors caused by the mold colonies.
  7. Restoration. This all depends on the severity of the mold damage. Usually, some of the building materials in your home may have to be removed, such as your subfloors and drywall. The restoration may only need a few minor repairs, like putting in new carpets, putting in new paint, and replacing the drywall. But the mold damage may be severe enough that the restoration may require the reconstruction of entire rooms and areas.

Why Fix a Mold Problem?

If you have a leaking water line or a leak in your roof, mold can quickly become a problem. You may have a thriving mold colony growing in your home after just 48 hours of a leak. The mold can then cause extensive damage to your home and property, and it may even cause health problems as well.

According to the CDC, people who are sensitive to molds can have several problems such as skin irritation, eye irritation, a stuffed nose, and breathing difficulties. People who aren’t just sensitive but are actually allergic may have even more severe reactions. In the workplace, workers who have been exposed to high levels of molds have shown severe symptoms such as shortness of breath and fever. People who have chronic lung conditions can also develop mold infections inside their lungs. Asthmatics can develop serious asthma symptom, while even otherwise healthy people to develop a cough, wheeze or some form of respiratory difficulty.

Even if you don’t have people exhibiting any symptoms, it’s still best to get rid of the mold. It can damage your home, it’s very ugly to look at, and the smell is unpleasant. It can make life hell in your home, and it can really put off your visitors and friends who come over. The mold can also severely affect your home price if you’re trying to sell your house on the market—if you can find buyers who will want to buy your moldy house.

There’s really no good reason to tolerate its presence inside your property.

Do You Have a Mold Problem?

It’s not always easy to find a mold infestation. If you have a water leak, then you can expect to have considerable mold growth in just 2 to 3 days. You may notice symptoms among the elderly and the little children in your home, as well as among those with respiratory problems like asthma.

Even if you don’t see the mold colony, you may smell it. It gives off a strong musty smell, and this may indicate the presence of mold in hidden areas like under your carpeting and behind your drywall.

What Should You NOT Do?

Some people instinctively try to do something about the mold infestation, but dealing with this on your own is not something you should do. You may make the problem worse, increase the damage to your property, and also put your own health at risk.

  • DO NOT disturb or even touch the mold when you find it.
  • DO NOT blow any air across any surface where you see or suspect the mold growing.
  • DO NOT even try to dry the affected areas on your own.
  • DO NOT try to solve the problem by applying disinfectants such as bleach on to the mold colony.

What Should You Do?

Here are some things you can do instead:

  • Keep away from the affected areas, and make sure the other people in your home know to stay away from the mold too.
  • Deactivate your fans and HVAC systems so that you don’t spread these molds around the house.
  • Call us right away.

Call Us Now!

It should be obvious by now that for any mold problem in your home you need professional mold removal. That means you need to contact us at Sarasota Restoration Pros.

  • We have the necessary knowledge to deal with mold efficiently and safely.
  • We have the experience and skills to initiate the most effective means of getting rid of the mold infestation and preventing future problems from reoccurring.
  • We have the tools to detect the hidden mold spores, and the most effective treatments that can eliminate the mold colony completely.
  • We can help get rid of the musty odor once and for all.
  • We can restore items that were affected by the molds, and repair what can’t be restored.

We can deal not only with home mold infestations, but also with mold colonies in commercial spaces. We have technicians that specialize in applying antimicrobial treatments, restoring water damage, fixing structural damage, and cleaning fabrics.

With Sarasota Restoration Pros experts, you get the best there is when it comes to dealing with your mold problem. You can contact us for fire damage restoration and carpet cleaning services as well, as they are among other services provided.

Mold colonies can cause disease, and professional mold remediation services is important to remove the threat that mold imposes on the health of your family. So call today and get the help that you need. We serve local residents and businesses in nearby cities and surrounding areas.