Expert Water Removal, Damage Repair, Restoration, & Remediation In Sarasota FL

Water Damage Restoration Service Sarasota FLAt first glance, water damage doesn’t seem to be all that bad, compared to fire and earthquake damage, right? But as the premier water damage contractors in Sarasota County and surrounding areas, the experts at Sarasota Restoration Pros know full well how bad it can be. We know that with water damage repair professionals must respond and act immediately.

When Should You Call Us?

Water damage Sarasota issues can be caused by several possible scenarios. It can be a full-blown natural disaster to something seemingly innocuous as a loose hose in an appliance. These water damage causes may include the following:

  • Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes may have caused the flood damage.
  • Your sinks, bathtubs, or toilets may overflow.
  • There may be leaks in the plumbing, water heaters, and appliances.
  • You have basement flooding and sub pump breakdowns.
  • The sewer system may have backed up.
  • The flooding may have been caused by recent firefighting efforts, which may also require fire and smoke damage restoration services.

Regardless of the reason for the water damage, you need to call us. We deal with mold conditions up to severe flooding damage.

Why Call Us?

So why call us? What makes us different—and frankly, better—than other disaster damage repair contractors for flood & water damage in Sarasota?

  1. We respond to emergencies quickly. This is a priority for us, because it’s so crucial to begin water damage mitigation, repair, and restoration quickly. By responding immediately, we reduce the severity of the water damage, prevent any further problems, and lessen the cost of the water damage restoration.
  2. We have the necessary training. We are experts in water damage restoration, and our expert water removal services have been honed by rigorous training and extensive experience.
  3. We use the appropriate methods and equipment. Our state-of-the-art tools allow us to detect any hidden moisture, enable us quickly extract the standing water, and help us clean and dry your property completely. We complete the assignment by sanitizing and deodorizing the area so you’re safer and more comfortable afterwards.

Call Us NOW!

We have done a lot of emergency water removal in Sarasota, and in fact we tend to think that every situation is an emergency. There’s simply no point to waiting to begin water damage repair procedures. Water is an invasive substance that’s quickly absorbed into your walls, floors, and furniture. It will spread fast all over your property, and waiting will make the damage and the expenses worse.

Here’s a typical water damage scenario when you don’t call for use right away.

  • Within a few minutes of flooding, the water will spread out through the area. It will saturate everything along the way, as the water is absorbed by your walls, floors, furniture, and other belongings. Paper goods such as books and photos will warp, while the finish on the furniture pieces will bleed into your carpets and floors.
  • In the first 24 hours, the dyes and inks in your paper goods and cloth will spread and stain. The furniture will swell and crack, while the metal surfaces will tarnish. The drywall will start to swell and break down. You’ll also notice a musty odor at this point in time.
  • If you wait for 2 days (or worse, a week), it’s possible that you will have some very serious biohazard contamination as mold and mildew will proliferate. The destruction of the property will be severe, as the wood flooring will swell and warp. So will the furniture, which will show signs of mold as well. The same goes for the windows, doors, and studs. The paint will blister while the metal pieces start to show signs of rust.
  • Delay for more than a week, and the problem becomes much worse. The time and money needed to complete the restoration will become much greater. The task of rebuilding the structure and replacing the contaminated materials will become more extensive. The risks for you and other inhabitants will be much more serious, as they will include biohazard contaminants, mold growth, and structural instability.

To sum it all up, if you have any type of water damage then you MUST call us immediately. We can begin the flood damage clean up right away. We perform commercial and residential work around the Sarasota area and we can handle any size of job required.

The Typical Response to Water Damage Emergencies

So what can you expect when you have water damage in your home or workplace? While every scenario will require customized solutions, here’s a typical scenario for most problems:

  1. Call us now. Our emergency water removal services are available at any time. After all, we know that not every problem like this can wait for regular working hours. We will get the pertinent details over the phone, including your name and contact info, the location of the water damage, the insurance info, the time and cause of the water damage, and the availability of electricity.
  2. Inspection and damage assessment. First, we will move the property contents such as the furniture from any water damaged areas, so as to minimize the damage such as rust and furniture stains on the flooring. We will also quickly find and stop the source of the leak and then check for contaminated water. We can use various tools that can measure the extent of the moisture saturation, and use other equipment to detect hard to find water behind your walls and ceilings.

For proper restoration, the water in your property will have to be properly identified. The category and classification of the water will affect the choice of water damage cleansing solution. We will then inspect the extent of the damage, and identify any potential safety concerns. While we explain these things to you, you should at this point tell us of any safety issues you’re aware of, such as lead or asbestos in your property.

  1. Water removal. We will then use our powerful pumps and vacuums for the water extraction process. This step removes most of the water from your place, which should then reduce the time needed for flood water dry-outs and also prevent mold and secondary water damage. This step may include a more organized effort to remove your belongings in the area. We can also inspect the carpet and remove it should it be necessary.

Our tools include gas-powered and submersible pumps that can pump out the water continuously. The water removal process we use is very efficient, and we can quickly remove thousands of gallons of water from your property.

  1. Dehumidification and dry-outs. Once most of the water is removed, the walls and floors will still be wet to the touch. A lot of building materials like wood and drywall are porous, so they tend to absorb a considerable amount of water. The water will have to be removed, or else it will break down, swell, and warp the materials, while mold will also grow.

Our dehumidifiers and air movers can remove the water retained by these building materials. Our tools include industrial grade dehumidifiers that will keep your furniture, walls, and floors from swelling and warping. The high-speed air movers can create a fast airflow across your furniture, carpets, and walls so that the dry-out process is quicker. We will then monitor the moisture state of these materials until they return to proper dry levels.

  1. Sanitizing. Even after your property has been dried out, they will still need professional cleaning services which we of course provide. We can help restore any damaged property using a variety of cleaning methods. With restoration, we can then help minimize the cost of replacing your various belongings.

Usually, the property will also harbor very offensive odors, which we can also eliminate. Out advance equipment can identify and remove persistent and serious smells that can’t be dealt with by ordinary air fresheners.

Also, we make sure that the area is sanitized so that you’re not troubled by germs. We can use various disinfectants with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so that people won’t get sick from the germs that proliferated during the water damage.

  1. Restoration. The final step is about restoring your home or workplace to its former condition before the water damage took place. For emergencies, we tend to put in temporary protective solutions that keep the damage from getting worse. These solutions may include putting up boards and a roof tarp, as well as moving out your belongings.

But to really restore your place, we will perform more permanent solutions. We can help repair the floor, paint the walls, and remove and restore the drywall. Including carpet cleaning services with quick drying time. When we’re done, you will have a place that’s as close as possible to what you had before the dreaded water damage ever took place. It’ll almost be like it was before. 

So contact us at Sarasota Restoration Pros if you have any water damage. Don’t delay—call us now. We have the skill, experience, and tools for any type of water damage repair. Any delay will just make it worse—and it’s our job to make it better as quickly as humanly possible.